how we work in firefly studios

We study the needs of the client and collect detailed information for the targets and the functionality of the website.

We analyze the project, by closely observing the following factors: targets, customer groups, competition privileges. We generalize the results and prepare an initial draft for development of the website, which we present to the client, accompanied by an offer.

We offer solutions for the optimization of the design and functionality, which update the initial draft document. If they are approved by the client they are included in the project development.

We present a detailed description of the separate elements of the website architecture, functionality, content, navigation, user model, basic graphic concept and technical parameters. We plan the time schedule for the project completion and prepare a contract, so we can start to develop a prototype.

We prepare an information structure and develop the different modules, which control it. We test and present for valuation the completed elements.

We prepare the complete graphic concept, which we integrate in the website architecture after the approval by the client.

We test the working prototype and present the final version of the website for approval by the client.

We activate the completed product and carry out a training course for working with it. After that we host the website and prepare an offer for ongoing support.
Firefly Studios