web development

The modern day business reality places high demands for dynamic communication and functionality within web solutions. In FIREFLY STUDIOS we develop websites and internet solutions which meet these requirements. We use leading technologies which make possible the realization of certain marketing targets. We develop modern web solutions, which follow the strategy to bring results.


Having contact with the visitors is one of the most important things for the successful realization of every website, no matter of its profile corporate, advertising, institutional etc. That is why the good orientation of the visitor within the content of the website lays in the base of all of our projects. We structure the given information in a way, that the access to it is fast, easy and effective.

internet solutions

The internet solutions which we create can unfold your websites potential as a business instrument. They can provide you with custom functions to fit the exact needs of your business, such as: Content management system, Automatic updates of the published information, client database, systems for organizing interoffice processes and human resources, work calendars and other.

We know well the potential and benefits which web based solutions can provide to your business, and we develop effective solutions, considering the individual needs of our clients.

electronic shops

The display of the offered goods and services, the information of the goods in stock, the security and administration of on-line payments - these are all key elements in the development of electronic shops. We follow their logic and create integrated system, which manage the successful realization of on-line sales.
Web Development