shared web hosting

Shared hosting is the most common form of web hosting. It is called this way because on one server there are a few different web applications and web sites, which share the resources of one server. For each user there is a personal account with certain limit of parameters (disk space, traffic and a number of databases) and for the management of the account there is a web-based control panel.

FIREFLY STUDIOS provides corporate web hosting services for their clients, which includes the following parameters:

- Apache 2.0 / Ubuntu Linux
- PHP Version 5.1.2
- MySQL 4.1
- CGI, Perl
- 2000 MB disk space
- 250 GB monthly traffic of data
- 300 company e-mails
- POP3 and SMTP servers to check your mail with programs such as MS Outlook, Thunderbird, Eudora etc.

e-mail hosting

FIREFLY STUDIOS also provides e-mail hosting. By using this type of hosting the user can avoid using free e-mails on the Internet. The e-mail address can be the name of the hosting provider, but it also can be the name of the domain of the client. By using the e-mail hosting plan the user can create many e-mails with the same name as the name of the domain. If you choose our e-mail hosting plan you will be able to use your e-mails by working with Microsoft Outlook or by our web-based e-mail service.
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